Wastewater Treatments from Expert Professionals

Wastewater Treatments from Expert Professionals

Wastewater Treatments from Expert Professionals

Chemical Treatment

Find out more about our chemical treatments and how they benefit your business.

Chemical Treatment

Biological Treatment

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About Oasis Environmental Ltd

Oasis Environmental Ltd provides practical solutions for wastewater and effluent treatment problems throughout the UK. We deal with large and small companies on all aspects of wastewater treatment and offer a range of services, including consultancy, chemical supplies, engineering solutions, and products to improve biological processes. Effluent treatment systems are required to do many things. They are expected to perform under difficult circumstances, including:


  • Overload

  • Surge Load

  • Toxic Shock

  • High Rainfall

  • Changeable Effluent

Often, these systems were designed many years ago and are struggling to keep up with today's strict environmental demands and manufacturing industry's needs.

Wastewater treatment processes can often be improved by simple changes. By working closely with our clients we provide the necessary experience, process materials, packaged engineering solutions, and the professionalism to fully meet the needs of today's wastewater discharges.

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