Effective Septic System Cleaning from Dedicated Experts

When functioning properly, household wastes are collected in your septic tank and then broken down, liquefied, and deodorized. Because this process is biological, it is easily upset and may stop working. At Oasis Environmental Ltd, we provide effective septic system and tank cleaning to minimise issues.

Common Factors That Upset the Process

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  • Overuse of Disinfectants

  • Overuse of Bleaches

  • Overuse of Detergents

  • Very Hot or Cold Conditions

Such factors kill the micro-organisms that work to keep your septic system running properly. OE42 replenishes and boosts the supply of these essential micro-organisms and allows natural activity to continue.

Simple and Easy to Use

Using OE42 is simple. Just drop in the convenient pre-packaged, pre-measured pouches into your lavatory bowl. The plastic pouches dissolve away so you don’t have to handle the powder. No fuss - no bother - no effort!

Benefits of OE42

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  • Reduces Frequent Pumping of Septic Tank

  • Extends Life of Drain Area

  • Controls Bad Smells

  • Improves Drain Field Percolation

  • Keeps Sewer Lines Open

  • Neutralizes Detergent Bleach

  • Prevents Drain Blockage

  • Will Not Attack Plastic or Metal Plumbing

  • Safer to Use than Harsh Chemicals

  • Degrades Waste Faster

  • Degrades Paper, Grease, and Vegetable Waste

Why Add OE42?

It’s easy to protect your septic system and keep it operating smoothly by simply using OE42. The initial application restores the natural biological process and boosts the existing biological activity.

Following with regular monthly applications will:

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  • Keep Your Septic Tank Working Effectively

  • Prevent Expensive Emergencies

  • Prevent Additional Pumping Costs

OE42 is safe to use as directed. It is completely natural, containing no corrosive chemicals, caustic or acids, and is hazard free. It will not damage metal, ceramic, or plastic parts of the drainage system.

Understanding Your Septic System

If you are like most people, you know very little about your septic system. This is understandable. In urban and suburban areas there are sewers to carry household waste to municipal wastewater treatment plants. In more rural areas, however, septic tank systems provide the functions of both sewers and treatment plants. Webster’s Dictionary defines the septic tank as “a tank in which waste matter is decomposed through bacterial action”.

If you could look inside your septic tank, you would find three layers. The top layer is the “Scum” layer where organic material floats to the surface. Bacteria in the septic tank biologically convert this material to a liquid. The middle layer is the “Effluent” layer where mostly clear water will be found. This clear water is the only layer that should enter your absorption area. The bottom layer is the “Sludge” layer. This layer is where the inorganic or inert solid materials and the by-products of bacterial digestion sink to.

All household waste is disposed of through the septic system. The proper operation of the septic is essential to health, property value, and the local ecology. A small commitment to the care of your septic system will protect you from the nightmare created by a failing system.

Other Information


Form: Free-Flowing Granular Powder
Colour: Self-Coloured
Bacterial Content: 5 Billion per Gram


25-gram water soluble pouches supplied in packs of 12 (one years' supply). Other packaging is available.


DO NOT FREEZE! Store the product in a cool, dry location. Do not inhale dusts, avoid excessive skin contact. SEE MSDS. DO NOT allow the product to become wet. Make sure hands are dry before handling.

Application Instructions

Tank Size Initial Dosage Maintenance**
1-1,500 Gallon Cap 1 Booster Pouch Immediately. Add Second Pouch 3 Days Later. 3 Days Later, Start Normal Monthly OE42 Addition. 1 Pouch per Month
1,500-3,000 Gallon Cap 2 Booster Pouches Immediately. Add 2 Pouches 3 Days Later. 3 Days Later, Start Normal Monthly OE42 Addition. 2 Pouches per Month

** Add as regularly as possible. If application is forgotten, add the missed pouches as soon as possible and continue normally with regular addition.

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